Saturday, August 9, 2008


Mag-aral mabuti para sa pagsusulit!Kaya niyo iyan AS!

SSA Hymn

Saint Anthony Hymn - School of Saint Anthony

Alma Mater Saint Anthony
We look up to you our moral builder
Strong pillars of our country
Soon we will be
You shine with grandeur in the sky
With our heads held up high
Bring noble laurels to your side
Preparing young Anthonians, leaders of tomorrow
Saint Anthony pride of the community
With your Christian doctrines to abide
We put Jesus in our hearts and minds
The glory of your fame can never be denied
The emblems of your light,
Anthonians ready to fight.
In our hearts we solemnly sing

Hail to you oh, St. Anthony
With pride and dignity we say
Alma Mater Saint Anthony. (2x)

Repeat II