Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Takdang Aralin Blg. 12

1. Ibigay ang sariling pagpapakahulugan sa (kahit ilang kahulugan ayon sa iyong opinyon)
a. Anluwage
b. Belen
2. Basahin at pag-aralan ang " Anluwage" ni Coronel .

Sanggunian : Gintong Ani II mp. , 19-28

Ipapakita ito sa Hulyo 7-8


mhArcjOi :) said...

cher.. helow..

two days po walng psok..
kamusta po.??

12 na ass. po kaagad andami naman..


cge po ingat nlang plgi..

bye2... see yah po sa school..

Teacher Dan said...

sarap buhay!

REn said...

sirrr T^T I missed out a lot.... when's the deadline for all this...? I didnt get to go online cause of the weather, studies... father telling me that I do nothing but go to YM the whole day after I get home from school (which is partially true...)... television... dog licking mah foot and making me play with him (cause it's so cute! just not the licking thing-- it feels so... eeww 0_o)
and all the stuff like that-- ah by the wy, check out my blog! It's straight english (hehe) or maybe my deviantart account, maybe you can find something that interests and so that I can probably make a design out of that for the section teeshirts!

take care now~!

[ha, no nosebleed! (just got one when I was grade 1)(<---talking about the past again...) how bout you? lolz]

-freya torres g23